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UISAC Open House 
a group picture of people at the UISAC Open House Grand Opening Festival.

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Thank you to Wells Fargo
We want to thank Wells Fargo for their support on RIM small business initiatives within UISAC

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Adult Day Care

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Dancers at Grand Opening of Midwood International & Cultural Center 

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From a Bollywood class at UISAC


The Universal Institute for Successful Aging of Carolina’s (UISAC) is a dynamic Charlotte ­based 501c3 nonprofit that is actively developing innovative and highly effective programs for the empowerment of our community’s diverse populations. To date, many volunteers have contributed hundreds of thousands of hours and dollars in service pro bono. We strongly believe in its noble mission to create holistic, accessible, and integrated facilities and services. The needs are at hand, and we have the understanding, infrastructure, partnerships, and experience to uniquely fill them. In order to maintain and sustain the rapid growth of our mission, and to bring up liftment to hundreds, and even thousands of families, we need your immediate and, ideally, continual financial support

UISAC values diversity, holistic health and peaceful living, equal opportunity, and civic and community engagement, especially for under-served populations including refugees, immigrants and minorities (RIM).

UISAC was developed in 2006, out of the growing and apparent need within the Charlotte-metro area to support a rapidly diversifying population. Within Charlotte, over 83 countries and 6,000 refugees are represented, an increasing number of who are elderly. We recognize the need for ‘bridges’, connecting us with resources that support holistic growth and well being